3 Christmas Recipes to try This Year

My favorite part about Christmas is the food. Nothing brings people together quite like food. It’s an important part of any get-together. Christmas is the season for baking and for sharing. It’s also a fantastic time to try new recipes and to see how your family and friends enjoy them. Don’t be afraid to explore; your results will impress your guests! Now, grab your spatula, and join us as we give you 3 great and easy Christmas recipes to try this year!

Hassleback Butternut Squash with Sage Butter and Prosciutto

Squash is a great staple to add to any Christmas feast. You can add the hasselback butternut squash with sage butter and prosciutto to your must-haves at the dinner table. This dish is not only beautiful but also screaming with flavor and is sure to have your guests drooling for second helpings. The ingredients, as well as the directions, are available from Half Baked Harvest. Preparation time is about 1 hour, 20 minutes, and this recipe serves up to 8 people. Bon appetite!

Fresh Herb Stuffing

Stuffing was always my favorite dish when it came to the holiday season. I can say that I have never tried a stuffing that I didn’t like. It’s a simple and deliciously classic dish that will never disappoint. This stuffing recipe from Country Living is sweet and simple. With 8 ingredients and 4 steps to follow, you’ll be serving it up in no time to your hungry guests or family. The enticing aroma of herbs will be a nice seasonal touch in your house while this dish cooks. It yields 8-10 servings and takes about 50 minutes to prepare. Always remember to leave room for the stuffing! 

Herbed Cheese Ball

Cheese is a food that just about everyone loves. When served with a sliced baguette, this delicious appetizer will be gone in a heartbeat, so be sure to make extra! You’ll tantalize tongues using a combo of goat cheese, cream cheese, different herbs, and pine nuts. This dish feeds 12-16 people and takes about 2 hours for preparation time. Check out the recipe here with Country Living. 

Christmas is the season of sharing, and there’s nothing better than sharing delicious food. Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed reading about 3 Christmas recipes you should try this year. For more great articles about Christmas recipes or artificial Christmas trees, please click here