An Elegant Decor Theme for your Prelit Christmas Tree

What decor theme are you going with this year for Christmas? For those with a prelit Christmas tree, they are going to find that it is super easy to use an elegant theme when the tree has white lights. And better yet, the elegant theme can give you a traditional look to your entire decor theme in your home! So, how can you get this? Here are a few tips that can help!

  1. There is nothing more elegant than going with a color scheme that is going to enhance the white lights on your prelit Christmas tree. A great combination is gold, chocolate and burgandy!
  2. The round globes that are seen during Christmas are going to dominate a tree that has an elegant theme. Get round ornaments in burgundy, chocolate and gold, then spread these evenly on the tree.
  3. Add in your own touches that have this color scheme. For example, gold glittered snowflakes or even brown glittered snowflakes. When these are combined with the white lights on a tree, they can make it glow!
  4. Add in some Christmas flowers to the tree to help fill this out. For example, gold poinsettias are a huge decor option that can add even more elegance to the tree and they can be an element that helps to spread out the rest of the ornaments to make this tree look full.
  5. Top the tree with a traditional angel in gold or opt for a star that is going to match these colors. You do not have to go with a topper that has lights, you can opt for one that is covered in glitter, and you will find that it will pop all the same on the top of the tree!
  6. Use a tree skirt that brings these colors into one. For example, a burgundy skirt lined with gold, or even a gold skirt that is lined with chocolate brown or burgundy.
  7. Place this tree in a corner that is not full of light, as this will allow the elegant theme to be even more prominent and to light up the room!

For those who are wanting to go with a traditional look, they will find that this elegant theme is one that is highly popular this year. And it works great with prelit Christmas trees that have the clear, white lights. The end result will be one that is magazine worthy!

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