A Minimalist Christmas

For many people who are wanting to get back to the roots of Christmas, they have decided to have a minimalist Christmas. They want to take this time to remember why they celebrate Christmas, rather than focusing on all the other things that happen at Christmas. So, what is a minimalist Christmas? This is when you celebrate Christmas, but you are not going to be going out of your way to go all out. 

How many people try every year to outdo what they did last year? They may buy more decorations, more presents and go bigger and better when it comes to decorating their home. It is this type of competition that many people are trying to avoid when it comes to their Christmas celebration. Why? It often makes us forget the real reason for celebrating, which for many people is unacceptable. 

So, how can you have a minimalist Christmas? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Go with a simple tree that you may put a few lights on, but is it. If you have some ornaments that are family heirlooms, go ahead and put these on there. However, do not go out and try to find the latest decor to decorate the tree, this is not what this movement is all about. 
  2. When it comes to Christmas presents, less is more. In fact, those who want to have a minimalist Christmas often make the rule that presents have to be something that are made by your own hand. This way, you are putting more thought into the gift. 
  3. Don’t overly decorate your home. This is the time that you could be devoted to learning why you are celebrating Christmas, and how you should be doing this. It is often the flash that is associated with Christmas that makes many people forget the real reason for the holiday.
  4. Don’t go excessive when it comes to that Christmas feast. Many people opt instead to make a meal that they love, rather than making the traditional Christmas meal that has come to be expected by many people. The money that you save you can donate to a worthwhile cause. 

For those who simply want to take a time out from the festivities that are found during Christmas, or for those who want to be more authentic in their Christmas celebration, they may find that a Minimalist Christmas is the way to go.

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