The meaning of Christmas colors

Christmas is never complete without the signature red, white, gold and green colors. Every year, we grace up our homes with these colors to mark the holidays, but do you really know what they mean? Let us take a look at each of these colors of Christmas and get to know what they stand for.

– White

This color has a religious origin. Since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the white color stands for his holiness and purity. White also stands for peace, which is why Churches always use it to decorate the alters on Christmas day.

– Gold

The meaning of this Christmas color goes back to the original Christmas story. Do you remember the three wise men who followed a star to the place where Jesus was born? They actually followed a golden star. Also, gold happens to be one of the gifts the three wise men presented to baby Jesus when they saw him, so gold is always used in Christmas time as a reminder of these events.

– Red

The color red is usually associated with love, like Valentine’s day, but for Christmas, it represents blood. This is because Jesus, whose birth is the reason for all the Christmas merriment, would eventually grow up and die a bloody death to save humanity, after which he would resurrect at Easter. So, the reason for his birth is why we use red.

– Green

Long before the birth of Jesus, green has been associated with life. During winter, other trees happen to wither, but the evergreen tree does not. This is why green is associated with the everlasting life of Christ who was born to die and resurrect again. Red and green and the most commonly used Christmas colors because of the link between life and death that they represent.

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