Places you should not visit this Christmas

Christmas is a good time to travel to any destination of your choice, but there are certain places you should avoid if you want to have the best experience this Christmas season. Here are some of those places, as well as the reasons why you should not spend Christmas there.

– Sydney

While most places are cold and full of snow at Christmas time, Australia is usually experiencing summer, which explains the mad rush of people towards Sydney for the Christmas holiday. Due to the high demand, the trip is always very expensive and will dig a big hole into your pocket. Despite that, a lot of people still make it down to Sydney and the beaches are always crowded, so you won’t be able to relax.

– Cape Town

South Africa records their highest tourist visits to Cape Town during the Christmas season, the weather is really calm and relaxing over there, and the cost of having a Christmas holiday is not so high, so as you can already tell that everyone is going to be there… and that means you will have to deal with all the unpleasantness that comes with an overcrowded place, you don’t want to spend your holiday under stress.

– London

Thanks to the long list of exciting ways to have fun in London during Christmas, everyone wants to be there for the holidays. But it is advisable to go to London for any other festivity, not Christmas because you will be spending so much money on everything. You also won’t be able to visit London’s legendary Christmas decoration sites, unless you can fight your way through the crowd.

– Denali National Park

This beautiful park is a good holiday spot, but during Christmas, it is incredibly cold, so visit during other times of the year so you can actually have fun, not shiver with cold all day and night.

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