Indoor games for Christmas day

Before all the dancing and drinking, an indoor game is an interesting way to add more fun to the gathering and make everyone feel like a part of the event. You don’t have to play all the games here, but two or three can have the same effect.

1. Snowball throw

You will need a lot of marshmallows to play this game. It involves a member of a team picking up marshmallows and throwing each of them into a team member’s mouth, a point is gained for each marshmallow caught.

2. Christmas tree ripping

This game is a lot of fun when you have a crowd in the house. It involves a team sitting in front of others with their eyes covered, that’s why this game is also known as “blind Christmas tree ripping”. Those with their eyes covered get a green construction paper and each is meant to rip their paper into the shape of a Christmas tree. Those whose paper ends up looking anything close to an actual tree get a point.

3. Movie Trivia

8Since it’s Christmas, we will call it the Christmas movie trivia. It has the same rules as the regular movie trivia, just that you’re only taking Christmas classics like “the Grinch” into consideration. Make a list of questions relating to only Christmas movies, split all your guests into teams and let the questions and answers start flowing. Those who get the answers correctly, earn points for their team.

4. Ornament Guess

Unlike the others, this is not a game you play when everyone is seated in the house. It is a relatively short game that starts an ends with each person at the entrance to the party. As your guests arrive, ask them to guess how many ornaments you have on your Christmas tree, if they answer correctly, they should be rewarded immediately.

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